Dolnośląska WK
ul. Wybrzeże J. Słowackiego 9
(wejście od ul.Mazowieckiej)
50-413 Wrocław
tel.:71 344-65-70, fax.:71 342-49-01

Nadzór nad Ochotniczymi Hufcami Pracy sprawuje Minister Rodziny, Pracy i Polityki Społecznej




Our goal is to create proper conditions for training and upbringing youth with life of less chances from Lower Silesia.
Our subsidiaries are:


  • 4 Education and Work Centers

  • 4 Youth Work Offices

  • 4 Mobile Centers of Professional Information

  • 25 Youth Career Centers

  • 4 Labour Exchange Point

  • 2 Professional Training Centers

  • 2 Training and Upbringing Centers

  • 20 Work Corps

Altogether we gathered more than 66 000 participants. We help them gain education – most of our pupils go to trade school or gymnasium. Also, we try to enable youth to get profession. The most popular courses are: salesman, cook, mechanic and baker. What is even more important, we cooperate with employers from our region to organize work places for these young people.
Next area of our activity is labour market. Our services for youth are: vocational counseling, employment service (also abroad), training and professional information. In 2014 we gain more than 17 800 job places for the youth.
In the area of upbringing our specialists run special programmes focused on: drugs and alcohol prevention, stimulation of social activity, promotion of healthy lifestyle, and motivation to educational successes.
Since Poland has accessed the European Union, we made use of European Social Funds. Since 2007, we run 14 projects – for more than 1800 young people from Lower Silesia. They have a chance to gain new qualifications, to learn foreign languages as well as computer skills. Right now we are starting two new projects “The idea for yourself” and “Equal on the labor market”. It is prepared for participants of VLC and also for youth which isn’t attending VLC. Main features are: profession courses, ECDL – computer course, six-month work placement, driving course, education support and foreign languages courses. All activities are under care of specialists – psychologists, profession consultants and tutors.
Last but not least, we need to mention about youth exchanges. Thanks to the good cooperation with our foreign partners, our youth has great opportunity to travel, meet friends from different countries and break the national stereotypes. Only last year we had 4 exchanges with German youth – most of them from programme Polish-German Youth Exchange with our best partner Internationaler Bund.  In 2014 we were hosting youth from Germany, together with Polish youth they had visited monuments, they had gardening and survival lessons. Also our pupils were on the proffesional practices under the Leonardo da Vinci program in Germany.
Through many years Voluntary Labour Corps proved their usefulness in training and upbringing young people with social disabilities from Lower Silesia.



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